How to sell items with Chestshop

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How to sell items with Chestshop

Post by x_Kyle » November 1st, 2011, 2:46 pm

To sell items with chestshop follow these steps

1) Place a chest against a wall or 2 blocks one on top of the other behind it
2) Then you want to place a sign above the chest with all the important information on it heres an example

On the first line add your Name

On the second line add The amount of items a buyer gets given for the price you have set

On the third line add The price. Use B followed by the price of your item to buy
anduse S followed by the price you wish to pay for the item if another player wants to sell to your shop

And on the fourth line add The name of the item your selling

Your sign should look a little like this

B 10

I hope this helps i tried to word it as easily as possible if you dont understand anything please ask me either on here or on the server.

Thanks for reading.


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