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Post by TehCoreeyy » July 19th, 2013, 9:32 pm

IGN: Party_petee

Age: 18

Why do you want to moderate on the server?
I feel that within my time here i felt some things weren't being more "monitored upon" and i feel that rules were being evaded in certain ways. Also ive been on during the time of new recruits "greifers and real ones" and felt that i want to give them that immediate chance of jumping in. Bringin hellblades back to a more positive outlook on the "world".

How often do you play on the server?
i at least log 7 times a week, random periods of time, due to future schoolwork as well it will be unpredictable, but i shall remain its dedication for once a day =]

How long have you been playing on the server?
well to the best of my belief ive really only been here for 6-8 month, but i feel within that time ppl know me by now XD.

Explain why you think you would make a good staff mem
Well i feel that with the people that know me by now, know that i am friendly, kind and hard working guy that likes to roll in a game of dedication. never knowing what i could come across ive always helped in ways i can or even brought people along with me ( some random guys isrephel maze of amazingness and me an zero beatin that sucker!) with even donating personal resources to building things, ive always been a help and wanted to take it to a higher level!


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