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PT's Tacos!

Post by AJpetee » July 2nd, 2013, 2:19 pm

Hi everyone just thought i should jump in here and share to everyone how to make you're very own tacos! its quite simple actually, but i add a bit extra to give it a genuine PT taste! (its actually called AJ tacos, seeing my real name, but PT right now sounds much better =])

First lets start with the necessary ingredients!
1: red pepper
1: yellow pepper
1: green pepper (not needed 100% but allways good to have)
1: onion (only cut a good bit of it, not the whole thing)
1: lemon (added for extra zip on the vegetables during their cooking process, not needed too btw)
1: lemon pepper seasoning (not needed, i just love the zip in foods)
1: taco seasoning ( its literally like this taco dust seasoning stuff, its really efficient, A MUST HAVE)
3: Tortillas ( usually the smaller ones, and average serving size usually sits 3 tacos)
1: Thing of Ground beef (like the stuff ude make for burgers)
1~3: oil(s) ( you can use many kinds of oil for this one, i usually do vegetable oil for the veggies and olive oil for the tortillas)
1: spatula
1: tongs (for the tortillas)
That is all for the necessary ingredients, now for the topping/ sides!
Shredded cheese
Jalapeno (if ur that kind of guy)
muli-colored tortilla chips
fruit maybe

Now time to start the actual explination of the cooking!

first things first you want to cut up your peppers and the onion chunk and toss em in the pan. Then proceed by taking your designated oil ( vegetable oil in my case) and spread a good amount over the vegetables. then you let them cook up in the pan and 3/4th's heat for about 10 minutes. During the process you want to occasionally move them around so they get evenly cooked. After the process of that is over, take the vegetables and move them all to one side of the pan and stack em high so none of them get cooked when the meat is in. (its okay to get a few set of em in there but try hard not to). Next you throw the meat in and start chopping it up with a spatula while in the pot, once the meat has been flattened down and ground a whole bunch worth, turn the heat down to about 1/2 heat, slow cooking tends to keep the juices in the tacos, but if u you to fast cook, then keep at 3/4ths heat. During the time of the cooking you should now be prepping the tortillas in another pot. What you do over here is, u get the other oil (olive) and you lay good sets worth of oil in the pan, then grab you're 1st tortilla and toss it in there, and rub the oil on the bottom of it with the tortilla, then grab another and flip the sides and do again. repeat this for every shell you wish to make and u'll be fine, cook at medium heat btw (1/2). after the prepping of that is done, and hopefully it only took you about 3 minutes to do so. take the taco season and lightly, or heavily if you like spices, and throw them on the top of the meat so that they too can cook with the seasoning and turn out amazing! during that last process of cooking, someone, or you i guess, should be cutting the extra topping materials, you know how to cut all the extra stuff so i think you're good. After a good period of time cooking, you need to flip the meat over and let it cook a good 5 minutes so that all sides are good and you got no pink on the top side. After doing this and the 5 minutes or so are up, start merging the vegetables and the meat together and then stop the heat for the meat. After the merge is done, take all the taco meat and vegetable mix up to one side of the pan, then have the pan on a lead in whichever direction and the spare grease will leave the food, either let it sit there or clean it up in the pan, its ur choice.

Finally it is done, you have you're meat and the tortillas should be done for the most part! now merge that amazing taco together and enjoy you're food! (picture will be posted momentarily) (srry this facebook pic will have to suffice) ... 4090_o.jpg
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