"Like" Gameblaster64 on Facebook!

Got a cool project you want to show off or rave on about? I mean half the fun of building in Minecraft is showing it off right?
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"Like" Gameblaster64 on Facebook!

Post by rocky1138 » September 22nd, 2011, 10:50 pm

If you're into videogame news, reviews, opinions, videos, and let's plays (who isn't?) then you'll definitely like my Gameblaster64 Facebook page!

I've been running it for a long while along with my blog and it's just starting to get really popular. I'm excited to continue bringing everyone neat hidden tid-bits of gaming information (most of the time it's stuff that major gaming sites gloss over or ignore entirely).

Of course, if there is any big news that the major sites and the Twitter are covering, I link that in too. I love videogames!

I'd appreciate it if you gave it a "Like" and invited your friends, too!

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