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Player Classes [Default->Admin]

Posted: June 10th, 2011, 6:27 pm
by rocky1138
There is some confusion around what each player class is for and why certain people are in them. This post will help to clear the air so that we can all get back to building.

The path in terms of access to commands is as follows:
1. Default (Assembler)
2. Builder
3. Elder (A builder who can also build in World 0)
4. Donator (a person who has donated to the server)
5. Mod
6. Mod Donator (a mod that has donated to the server)
7. Admin

Default is the base rank everyone starts at on the server. Players at this rank have access to build on our free build world, "Freedom," but only in the dedicated 8-lot spawn point. They cannot spawn items or use /god. The purpose of the Default class is to have them build their best to see if they are accepted to Builder rank.

Builder is the next step up from Default. They are able to build and spawn items in Freedom. For most, this is the max. class on the server. Congrats to those who achieve it!

Elder, Mod, and Admin are reserved classes and not open for players to upgrade to, so please do not waste time asking/begging to be upgraded to them.

Mods and Admins are the folks that help to run the server. They have the power to mute, kick, and ban players. So, seek them out when you have discovered griefing.