Xandorus Minecraft Server Rules

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Xandorus Minecraft Server Rules

Post by rocky1138 » June 8th, 2011, 3:57 pm

Everyone's welcome to come and play on Xandorus, but there are a few rules we all must follow if it's to be a fun experience. Read these rules and practice them. Please note that these rules apply to all worlds and are "server-wide."

1. No begging. Find your own items instead.
2. No harassment (sexual or otherwise). If you have nothing nice to say, you have nothing to say.
3. No whining. Add value to discussion, not negativity.

Becoming a Builder

Becoming a builder is pretty simple and explained well through the signs at spawn in Spawnworld, but I'll quickly go over the process here for reference.

New players spawn in Spawnworld and must complete several challenges by reading and following all the signs. After successfully making it out of the starter spawn spot, they must build a house in one of the open lots, again reading and following the instructions on the signs.

Each day, an administrator of the server will log in to check the newbie lots. Players who have built something unique and have followed the rules will be promoted to Builder and are free to start on one of our three survival worlds: legitworld, tiandiqiu, and horizon by typing /mvtp <worldname>.

Players who are already builders are not allowed to build in the newbie lot area. It is strictly for new players.



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