The ZeroYams rant collection

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The ZeroYams rant collection

Post by ZeroYams » August 15th, 2013, 11:31 pm

We all know me for being the most irate and annoying player on the server. And we all know I like to share that. So here's a list of all my rants, from newest to oldest.
WARNING: This could possibly be the longest post in forums history.

Iron Farms Rant:
ZeroYams wrote:Okay so the main argument against these are "it's not legit."

Well first, I would argue, is anything in legitworld really legit? We tp to coords, use warps, teleport to people, etc etc etc. The best argument against that is "it makes the game easier." Well, doesn't iron and gold farms make the game easier too? So that really means nothing.

Next, iron farms are literally legit, as they can be obtained in vanilla Minecraft. They may not spawn naturally, but they are still within the game.

Also, you're saying that it's unfair, which is COMPLETELY untrue. First of all, it is obtainable to anyone, meaning it put everyone on a level playing field. Second, we're allowed to place ANY other type of spawner. What makes iron an exception? Might as well remove spawner adjuster all together, because spawning those animals is also "not legit."

Lastly, they are INCREDIBLY ineffective, especially the gold farms. First, you have to stay near it, meaning you can't do anything else, and second, with the gold farms, they only drop Golden Nuggets, so it's going to take a helluva long time to even get a SINGLE golden BAR.

Sorry for going off on a tangent, I just think this is one of the worst changes to the server because it's incredibly pointless. And also, please don't reply with some moot point like "I own the server so I get to choose" or "stfu zero." The reason I type these long posts is to get some ACTUAL INPUT AND FEEDBACK.
Staff Balance Rant
ZeroYams wrote:I think this has been a well known problem for a long time. The list of staff members on this server is significantly unbalanced with the amount of regulars. In the past, we've always advocated for fixing this, but never have. I think it's been long enough and should be fixed. I'm posting this is public forum instead of mod+ forum because I think it's only fair to get player input.

Here is the list of staff as it stands (as listed in permissions):

Mod: gameblaster64, dup3, xkyneticx, xproviralx, Juphia, Teh_Sam, Therandus, Canadian_Beast, PlankAVF, ThaGreeeenz, itis420man, hoylemd, Ndog300, XCiccoIV, undertone, Eskalja, mahnameisjerik0, etherict, the_sour_kraut, flamingninja124, Scatterpulse, kmarting, msteel12, matthewdryden, seer1026, Dekami, ninjaslippa.

ModDonator: the_bauss, gcarn, echeese, epikfail1234, 5CookieMonster.

Admin: rocky1138, sergeace, ZeroYams, LagBox, matayu, Luvusarah, x_Kyle, hi24fiaa, QedHup, Legendpla, TehCoreeyy.

That is 27 mods, 5 MDs, and 11 Admins.

I personally know most of these people (with the acceptation of one or two), but I'm sure most of the regular player base doesn't. Staff members on a server should be players who are known by just about every player on the server. There are about 10 in there that everyone knows, maybe less. But let's talk about recruiting Staff in general. Recruiting staff is already a hard thing, because the Admins / Owners know that we have a lot, so even if someone IS qualified, they aren't promoted because of our amount of staff. This doesn't seem fair, seeing as the majority of the staff is inactive.
The criteria for mod is as follows (as stated by rocky):
1. They must have a forum account and check the forums regularly.
2. They must participate in the Mod and Admin Discussion forum regularly.
3. They must learn/know how to Worldedit and Worldguard.

The majority of our staff is not active on the forums or even have accounts, so that in itself narrows down the list by a lot. Same thing applies to 2. I'm assuming most of the staff knows how to use WE and WG.

People might think that it feels out of place to remove some of the older mods, since they have been here since the beginning. But we still have the Elder rank. I mean, these players ARE the original players, so the Elder rank seems perfect.

Using my own thoughts* I have created a list of what seems like a fair roster of Staff.

Owner: x_Kyle, rocky1138
Admin: ZeroYams, QedHup, hi24fiaa
Mod(Donators): LagBox, flamingninja124, kmarting, seer1026, 5CookieMonster, TehCoreeyy, party_petee

This narrows down our current 43 staff members to 10, which I thing is a very reasonable amount.
I do think that hi24fiaa, QedHup, and myself are currently the only active admins. It seems that everyone else never goes on, and if they do it's only for a very small tangent of time.
LagBox and TehCoreeyy are the only admins who I moved down to mod. LagBox is somewhat, active, but not to the same extent has the above 3, and he has been here for a long time, and meets all the criteria. I do personally think that Coreeyy should be moved down in rank, but since he is Co-Owner at the moment it is mostly impossible. But I think this rank is much more fair and fitting for him.
Flamingninja, kmarting, seer, and Cookie are the only mods who are active to any degree. They all know the mod commands, and meet all the criteria. They have all proven that they are worthy, and should keep their ranks.
party_petee should be the only new mod for a very long time, and I say is a strong, viable candidate, and probably the only one. Here's someone who is very active, well known, regular on forums, and has a good reputation on the server. It may not be as likely or as sensible to promote someone after demoting dozens of people, but I think petee is the best, if not the only good replacement for these demotions.

All of the other mods are moved to Donor, Elder, or Builder respectively. I know a jump from Admin to Builder may seem like much, but it makes a lot more sense.

Well that's what I think about the staff and I'm glad to have finally said this. If you're going to argue this, please use some logic instead of moot points. I'm really just hoping for a reply from Kyle or rocky to get this stuff sorted out.

*All of this is my opinion and what I think should be done. This list does not reflect my opinions on anyone, it's just what I think would be best for the server.
Me being a dumbass Rant:
ZeroYams wrote:I'm not going to waste your time, so I'll cut to the chase.

I shall be taking a hiatus from the server. I have lots of things going on in real life, so I can't dedicate much of my time here anymore. I'm also starting my own server next month, so I'll have to figure that out. But most of all, I'm disappointed with the server changes. I have some history with the new Owner and Co Owner, so it's bet I keep my distance so I don't royally poss them off and get banned or DDoSed or something. To me, this will always be rocky's server. I may occasionally log on to work on projects, but we'll see. On that note,

ZeroYams wrote:It's not the fact that it's changed, it's the fact that major changes have ALREADY happened within about 2 or 3 days. Two brand new owners, new mod, and talk of other major changes. I miss the old, simpler days. And I guess, since I have nothing to lose, I'll just be completely honest. I am jealous. I thought I was a shoe in for owner. Lots of people agreed, I even talked to rocky about it a LONG time ago. A player who has a bad reputation with us was first choice for mod, over others who have more knowledge of the criteria it takes to actually be a moderator. I asked about the position of Co-Owner, and it was just brushed off. And instead, it was given to the owners friend in real life, of course. So overall, I am very frustrated. I don't care what you think of me from this, if I'm causing drama or whatever. I just need to say what I think an get it over with, though I'll more than likely face some sort of consequence.

I'm not trying to start a flame war or anything, so don't take it to that. Read what I say, reply if you please, then move on. Don't make a big deal of my individual opinion.

Jeb being a faggot Rant:
ZeroYams wrote:1.3 was a bust, probably the worst update we have ever seen. Jeb is adding horrible items, blocks, and features in, ruining my favorite game for me. What I think was completely and utterly useless in the past few updates were:

SSP Cheats
Bonus Chest
Emerald(Only would want if it could be made into armour / tools)
Ender Chest
New Creative Inventory
Mining/Smelting EXP
Max level 30
Sideways logs
New gravel
Baby villagers
Mating villagers (gay)
New Wood
Iron Golems
Mob AI

All completely gay and useless features that I think, should be removed. Naturally, I do use some of the features, but who wouldn't? It's part of the game and there is nothing we can do about it. I have been researching the next update, and here is a list of complete shit that they're adding.

Mob armour
Mob Weapons (can be enchants)
Baby zombies
Cobble walls
Coloring armour (16,777,216, ridiculous.)
Super Weapon (Beacon Block)
Villager Zombies (fuck you)
Disliking/Liking Villagers
Villages in the Nether / End

Jeb needs to realize that me, and a large portion of the MineCraft community hate these new features. After this next update, depending on how much of it I can put up with, this may be the end of my MineCraft playing if this is what it has come to. This game is becoming a shit hole in my eyes, and I think there would be better games to play. Because honestly, at the moment, all I really want is for:

A. Fixing all the bugs
B. PvP to take skill, miscellaneous, but I want it.
C. A few new weps/enchants.

Post your opinions if you'd like. Though I can guarantee many of you will disagree with me, this is my opinion, and it won't change.

I didn't post any of my Creeper__ or ban posts because, let's face it, we all found those annoying as all fuck. Tell me if I missed something.

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Re: The ZeroYams rant collection

Post by AJpetee » August 16th, 2013, 3:20 pm

"party_petee should be the only new mod for a very long time, and I say is a strong, viable candidate, and probably the only one. Here's someone who is very active, well known, regular on forums, and has a good reputation on the server. It may not be as likely or as sensible to promote someone after demoting dozens of people, but I think petee is the best, if not the only good replacement for these demotions. " copy and paist-ed this, one thing in there i liked the most XD
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Re: The ZeroYams rant collection

Post by 5CookieMonster » August 16th, 2013, 3:40 pm

I think it is the longest post ever, I zoomed my view to 25% and it only covers about half of the post O_o

EDIT: looked at it again and its only about 1/4

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Re: The ZeroYams rant collection

Post by rocky1138 » August 17th, 2013, 7:56 am

5CookieMonster wrote: zoomed my view to 25%...
...looked at it again and its only about 1/4
Fractions fail?

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