Minecraftia World Rules

EASY survival. The most popular. Good for new players. Type /spawn in-game to go here.
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Minecraftia World Rules

Post by rocky1138 » October 16th, 2011, 11:50 am

Minecraftia is our newest and fastest-growing world. It's the closest thing players on our server can get to the tried, tested, and true Minecraft NON-PVP survival experience + a few perks!

Here are the very simple rules for this world (server-wide rules still apply):
1. Flying NOT OK!
2. God mode NOT OK!
3. Griefing/stealing NOT OK!

Some other interesting tid-bits of information:
1. You're able to lock your chests, doors, and furnaces. Type /cprivate then left click the block to lock it, /cremove to remove a lock you've put on.
2. As a Builder in this world, you're allowed to worldguard your build. Select two opposite points of your build and type /region claim <region-name> to make it yours.
3. There are many player-run cities, most built off of NPC cities that have been converted. Talk to players to see if you can have a lot in their town!
4. You're able to easily warp from one location to another in this world. Type /warp <warp-name> to go to any public warp.

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